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AgustaWestland Project Zero

The world's first all-electric tilt-rotor aircraft eVTOL - 2011

Project Zero was presented at the 2013 Le Bourget Airshow near Paris. Today there are over 250 startups developing eVTOLs. Back in 2011 no one had ever heard of such as thing. The project was lead by AgustaWestland's Head of R&D, James Wang, who has far reaching vision for the future of sustainable rotor craft. Bertone added vast expertise in designing and building cutting-edge futuristic vehicles. The entire aircraft uses no hydraulics; both rotors, the retractable landing gear, nacelle tilting mechanism, and elevons are all electric, therefore it doesn’t burn fossil fuel and generates zero emissions.

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“If you can dream it, you can build it.”

The long list of disruptive innovations demonstrated and pioneered by Project Zero were just as stunning as the aircraft itself. The fact that Project Zero made its first flight just six months after design kick-off, in a skunkworks-style of development, is even more impressive.

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