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Alfa Romeo Pandion

The Alfa Romeo Centennial celebration concept

First concept car as Bertone Design Director was presented in 2010 and was commissioned by Alfa Romeo CEO Sergio Cravero to celebrate their Centennial Anniversary. The fully driveable prototype was designed and built in just 4 1/2 months and was full of radical, cutting-edge solutions. testifying to the importance of this advanced research project.

The Pandion was featured in the 2010 Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance, which celebrated Alfa Romeo's Centennial Anniversary. The name Pandion comes from "Pandion Haliaetus", the scientific name for the Osprey, which dives into the ocean for fish with it's wings straight up, just like the "wings" on the Alfa Romeo Pandion.

RobinsonDESIGN logo proposal 1 white gray red.jpg
MIKE DESIGN Photobook page 31B.png
MIKE DESIGN Photobook page 31B.png
MIKE DESIGN Photobook double page 24.png

Innovative Bertone door openings

The reverse scissors doors cover the entire bodyside of the Pandion, using the rear tire hub as the center of rotation.

The rear 3/4 panels rock inwards transformer-style in order to make space for the 3.6 meter door rotation (see video below).

MIKE DESIGN Photobook double page 26.png
MIKE DESIGN Photobook double page 26.png

First application of Algorithm Design in cars 

Algorithm Design describes natural phenomena with code, and then reproduces the phenomenon with Random Form Generation

Quartz Algorithm used for the Exterior 

Tree roots Algorithm used for the Interior 

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