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Bio Design

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If we want to save the Earth, we must start with design!

Finding design inspiration in nature is not limited to form. Nature is 100% ecological, 100% recyclable, and is

100% coherent with Mother Earth. Designers, manufacturers, and end users can all benefit from Bio Design. 

Tree Roots inspired interior design - soft & structural

The white, bio design interior trim components double as chassis structural members as well as comfortable armrests. 

MIKE DESIGN Photobook double page 26.png
MIKE DESIGN Photobook double page 26.png

Quartz inspired exterior design - crystal-like 3D texture (when seen under the microscope)

The blades in the Pandion exterior are reminiscent of the "naked" motorcycle designs, where the frame is just as sexy as the skin. The blade complexity is derived from the "random form generation" from "algorithm design"

Other biological phenomenon under the microscope

Shark skin

Bird bone

sharkskin 2a.jpg

Nature is full of the most amazing phenomenon that can guide designers out of the "clone design" era.

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