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Circular Design

Every phase of every product life-cycle must be anti-pollution

Most products today have linear life-cycles, meaning when it reaches the end of it's life, it's simply thrown away (landfill, wrecking yard, etc.). In the future all products will have circular life-cycles, meaning that 100% of each product will be re-utilized by future products. 

Non-polluting daily use

If every object produced will be 100% recycled, collectors will no longer exist

Non polluting disassembly + transformation

In the future, every factory in the world will be half assembly and half disassembly.

3-Product Life

4-100% Recycling

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2-Material Transformation
& Assembly

Non-polluting assembly processes

Fewer components

Reversable connectors

No co-molding

No gluing

1-Design, Ideation, R&D

Using new thought processes

Never waste nature's resources, be they material or energy.

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