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Eco Technology

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

We are living in the pandemic era, full of fear and restrictions. Automobiles are far too similar today compared to those of the golden years in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. As a futurist, I have always considered adversity an excellent incentive for innovation, and Covid 19 is not the only disruptive element in our lives today. The transformation of the combustion engine vehicles to EVs represents a giant change in societies, cities, and vehicles.The need to save the Earth is yet another powerful stimulus for all designers to embrace new methodologies and mindsets.

Making a business case out of ecological production

It is easier to find technology that harms ecology than helps it. Most people are so concentrated on making money that they forget that we could soon have an "Eco-Tax" on all objects produced, from cellphones to cars to homes to skyscrapers to bridges. If you pollute you pay, so your earnings will disappear if you cannot find ways to earn money without polluting.


Disaster photos are easy to find, but hard to digest

Ecotechnology is an applied science that seeks to fulfill human needs while causing minimal ecological disruption, by harnessing and manipulating natural forces to leverage their beneficial effects. Ecotechnology integrates two fields of study: the 'ecology of technics' and the 'technics of ecology,' requiring an understanding of the structures and processes of ecosystems and societies. All sustainable engineering that can reduce damage to ecosystems, adopt ecology as a fundamental basis, and ensure conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development may be considered as forms of ecotechnology.(Wikipedia)

commitments 456.jpg
commitments 456.jpg

Ecotechnology can be fun too

The "Vertical Forest" twin towers in downtown Milano, Italy are an excellent example of how we can raise the quality of life for those living in apartments in big cities. Trees transform CO2 into oxygen. Just think what air quality would be like if all tall buildings in big cities had similar "forests"!

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