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Italian Craftsmanship

UNESCO states that 60% of all artistic masterpieces in the world are Italian. That DNA has been passed down over the centuries and is responsible for the highest level of artisan specialists today called: Made in Italy. 


Apollo and Dafne
1622 (age 23) 1625

Gian Lorenzo Bernini
1598 – 1680

The Rape of Proserpina
1621 (age 22) 1622

Bernini transformed 27 cubic foot blocks of Carrara marble into the most spectacular sculptures in history.

The hundreds of leaves on Dafne's hands are 1/4" thick, but he had no electricity or drills.

Modern Italian Craftsmanship

Poltrona Frau Paolina 1926


Stradivarius violins   Antonio Stradivari    1644 - 1737

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