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Jaguar B99 04

A reinterpretation of the Jaguar brand values

This "baby Jag" was requested specifically by Jaguar to help them look deeper into a D segment they do not have. We concentrated on pure "timeless" proportions with ultra clean lines, exploring a fascinating new form language with a “dynamic imbalance” between parallel lines and leaping forms. The three-box architecture is a departure from the fastback look in all production Jaguars. Ancient Aztecs and Mayans  coined the term Jaguar, meaning  "he who kills with one leap".

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The infamous “leaper”

This icon has  conditioned Jaguar car design for decades and continues to weigh strongly on the overall balance and proportions of Jaguar design, past, present, and future.

Understatement equals Exclusiveness

The unique personality of the luxury sports sedan is emphasized by the sophisticated minimalism outside and inside, underlining the true nature of the British authenticity where understatement equals exclusiveness.

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Surprise and Delight

The relaxing yet responsive environment transforms beautiful forms into high performance controls before your very eyes at a single touch. “Surprise and Delight” are part of the Jaguar DNA. The lack of visual noise is a modern way of redefining luxury, putting pure, refined form and materials above all the flashy high-tech buttons that fill most luxury car interiors today.

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