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A Modern Interpretation of 30s Elitism

The powerful, high hood and low tail inverted the standard wedge or "pusher" architecture creating a reverse wedge or "puller" architecture.

The tall oversized vertical grille created a new trend in the highly horizontal car design era,  offering strong ties to the golden ages in Lancia (1930-1950).

Lancia Dialogos

First concept car in Lancia - full of world firsts!

The Lancia Dialogos was presented in 1998, created as a high-end halo car to relaunch the brand. The long list of automobile industry firsts testifies to the importance of this advanced research project.

Dialogos represents the desire to design something "experiential", different from mere physical or visual impacts. Emotions become protagonists, transcending the gap between advanced technology and sex appeal, producing something living, exclusive and élite. This is what makes Lancia unique. 

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Earliest Autonomous Cars

The vis-a-vis seats opened a whole new generation of driverless cars now called "autonomous automobiles".

Automotive Industry World Firsts in the Lancia Dialogos

  1. First sedan with flush bumpers, years before it became mandatory in all cars thanks to pedestrian impact laws.

  2. One of the first autonomous cars in the world, 13 years before Google started working on autonomous cars. The front seats rotated 180 degrees creating vis-à-vis seating in autonomous mode when passengers don’t want to drive.

  3. First ultra-thin LED taillights, widely used in most production cars today.

  4. First VPA (Virtual Personal Assistant)  two years before Siri debuted.

  5. First zero G "floating" seat concept.

  6. First button-less interior interface.

  7. First full-screen transparent OLED windshield with Augmented Reality,

  8. First Fuzzy Logic car, giving the driver and vehicle more crossover powers: machines with more human-like intuition and humans with more computer-like instant knowledge access.

  9. First Multi-Sensory Coherence concept was invented for the advanced materials in the Dialogos,

  10. First time the term “Percieved Quality” was invented, as the direct result of Multi-Sensory Coherence and is now used by all OEMs, as an extra verification for manufacturing quality.

  11. First Lancia Popemobile, as the Dialogos was subsequently transformed into the 1999 Lancia Giubileo “Popemobile” and delivered to Pope John Paul II.

  12. First use of softwood as a seamless, flexible continuation between the door panel and the instrument panel with no visible gaps.

  13. First instrument panel with full-width screens, reaching across the interior of the car from door-to-door.

  14. First Multi-Entry Climate Control System with no air vents.

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