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Lancia Thesis

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The production version of the Lancia Dialogos

The Thesis was approved for production directly after the return of the Dialogos concept car from the Torino Auto Show in 1998. We worked extremely hard to fit the freely designed Dialogos proportions onto the existing Kappa chassis.  The end result produced a spectacular new look for modern European luxury sedans, both inside and out.

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A Thesis for Pope John Paul II

The Vatican had always used a Mercedes for the Pope's personal limousine. Robinson's good friend and colleague Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi decided  to change that. They collected lots of information and put it all into the extended wheelbase, armoured Thesis limousine with a retractable hard top. The one-off prototype was engineered and built by Bertone in record time. Pope John Paul II personally selected the Lancia proposal over the Mercedes proposal.


Millennium Jubilee 1999

The Thesis Popemobile was presented to Pope John Paul II in time to be used for the symbolic opening of 

the Holy Door to the St. Peter's Basilica, celebrating the Chatholic Milllennium Jubilee.  

The single throne in the back of the Thesis Jubilee rises up and holds the Pope while he stands and waves to the crowd.

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